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Activity Report 2014-2016

After three years of intensive work on the establishment of document servers at all partner institutions (subproject A), the development of a strategic concept for the future research data management in Austria (subproject B), the establishment of a knowledge network and a knowledge infrastructure accessible to all project partners (subproject C), we are pleased to present at the end of this phase the e-Infrastructures Austria Activity Report 2014-2016 in English and in German! They are also available as e-books (English, German).

In addition to introductory and final words by Maria Seissl, the Director of the Library and Archives Department of the University of Vienna and the promoter of the project, as well as words from Paolo Budroni, the Project Manager of the project, and from Bruno Bauer, Chairman of the General Assembly of the project, important achievements and results as well as activities and publications of many project partners are presented here with regard to the background and structure of the project. 

Activity Report 2014-2016
Projektbericht 2014-2016
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