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Here you can find our e-Infrastructures Austria's activities during the three years project period 2014-2016.


To visualize our project’s dimensions we would like to provide a bit of data with regard to our activities and the work carried out in the project:


  • 143 participants worked within the scope of 12 work-package-clusters and produced 46 Deliverables (33 in German and 13 in English). Eight Meetings set of eight hours per day were arranged.
  •  32 representatives took part in eight General Assemblies. Each lasted eight hours.
  • 73 persons participated in the Training Seminar e-Infrastructures and Research Data Stewardship. The event lasted 30 hours or rather 4 days. A program booklet, presentations and a detailed report on the seminar can be downloaded on https://phaidra.univie.ac.at/detail_object/o:441296.
  • Collectively e-Infrastructures Austria came up with 15 publications, 27 presentations and posters and 22 workshops and events (Training Seminar e-Infrastructures and Research Data Stewardship excluded). 30 participants attended these workshops and events.


In total the project’s participants invested 14.644 working hours or rather 1830 working days. The project management’s activities as well as local staff resources are not included in the summary. 



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