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Welcome to e-Infrastructures Austria!

The project e-Infrastructures Austria was initiated in 2014 by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and the Economy (German: BMWFW) to promote coordinated expansion and the further development of repository infrastructures throughout Austria. This is intended to ensure the secure archiving and provision of electronic publications, multimedia objects and other digital data from research and teaching.

In 2016, we can look back on three eventful years in which we have not only succeeded in establishing suitable platforms that enabled exchange, and thus the dialogue between the partner institutions, but also in bringing together and networking libraries, IT areas, research services and researchers. This has enabled us to achieve common goals and to lay the foundations for follow-up projects.

Information on many of these results, including the templates for data management plans, a sample policy of research data management, the research data survey as well as topic-relevant workshops and events can be read here.

Activity Report

3 Year of Success


Overview of the Results



General Assemblies

Eight General Assemblies


Events and workshops allowed the creation of a knowledge network and thus the exchange of experience on technical, organizational, legal and content issues.



In June 2016, a four-day continuing education seminar was held on research data and e-infrastructures to support data stewardship in institutional repositories and research-support services.


e-Infrastructures Austria Plus

The University of Innsbruck takes the lead and is leading into the next phase!!

Project Management

The project management is carried out by the Central Computer Center of the University of Innsbruck in close co-operation with the University Library and other research-supported institutions. In addition to Innsbruck, the project also has fixed locations in Vienna and Graz.

The Partners

Eight partner institutions participate in the follow-up project: The Medical University of Innsbruck, The University of Vienna, The University of Graz, The Vienna University of Economics, The Vienna University of Technology, The Medical University of Vienna, The Medical University of Graz and The Private University of Health Informatics, Medical Informatics and Technology (UMIT).

More information will be available soon!

Research Data-Survey

This report provides an overview of an Austrian survey on the handling of research data, which was carried out at 23 institutions in 2015. 



Key findings on the project were visualized on posters.



In order to create the necessary structures for competent research data management, a sample for a research data management policy at Austrian research facilities was developed and released for further use within an expert group and in cooperation with the H2020 Project LEARN.


Data Management Plans

In order to facilitate the handling of research data as well as its management at national research facilities and universities, e-Infrastructures Austria has developed a corresponding guide in German and English.


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