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"Exclusion of the Roma (Gypsies) under post-socialism: mechanisms of marginalization, forms of adaptation, and the possibilities of empowerment"

In my current research project I focus on three aspects of the structural marginality of Roma (Gypsies) in contemporary East-Central European societies. While conducting ethnographic and archival research on rural poverty in Eastern Slovakia, I have been focussing, first, on "external" mechanisms of marginalization and on studying conditions which make them possible. Second, I have been studying how members of the Roma communities subjected to exclusion cope with, resist, or adapt to unfavourable external conditions of exclusion and structural disadvantage. These two areas of research I consider to be a necessary precondition for the third area of my research: theorizing and applying of the concept of empowerment to the excluded individuals and communities as a possible weapon for combating forms of longue durée exclusion and social and economic injustice.


• Roma/Gypsy communities in Eastern Europe under post-socialism (and before)
• Urban sociology and (urban) ethnography
• Reproduction of social inequalities and marginality
• Social exclusion and the production of deviance
• Social organization of human body


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• 9/2003 – 1/2004: Durham University, UK (Erasmus program)
• 8/2008 – 5/2009: University of California at Berkeley, USA (Fulbright scholar)
• 6/2010 – 7/2010: Jean Monnet Summer School on Social Integration and the Romany Minority in Europe Today: Linking Policy and Research to Work against Poverty, Discrimination and Ethnic Conflict. Central European University. Budapest, Hungary.

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