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Diversity and Equal Opportunity at the Workplace

Despite existing legal framework conditions for anti-discrimination measures, in practice massive barriers still exist for those groups covered by anti-discrimination law. Within the scope of a project co-funded by the European Commission’s PROGRESS programme, the project team works towards an efficient implementation of non-discrimination rules, also - and notably - with regard to the structural dimensions of discrimination.

The project is characterised by its highly practice-oriented approach to research. On the basis of the legal framework to combat discrimination and theoretical concepts to deal with diversity at the work-place, work is being carried out with model companies to develop concrete implementation strategies. In particular, the project aims to encourage organisation development processes which embrace the principles of equality mainstreaming. It is therefore requisite, together with the businesses, to assess their status quo concerning this matter, to determine company-specific objectives and to identify target-oriented measures, how and under which conditions these processes could be implemented.

In order to be carried into execution, these tailored organisation development strategies will be placed at the companies’ disposal and then be integrated into a handbook for dealing with diversity and establishing equal opportunity at workplaces in Austria.

In addition, a network of companies shall be established whose objective is to increasingly address the challenges of diversity among their employees and customers and who are willing to do so with a focus on providing for more equal opportunities.

Handbook "Diversity and Equal Opportunity at the Workplace" (in German only):


Contact: Katrin Wladasch (katrin.wladasch@univie.ac.at) , Julia Kozma (julia.kozma@univie.ac.at)
Lead Organisation: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights
Partner Organisations: University of Vienna, Klagsverband zur Durchsetzung der Rechte von Diskriminierungsopfern, ZARA – civil courage and anti-racism work, respACT – business council for sustainable development
Project duration: 12/2009 - 10/2010
Funded by:  European Commission, Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG; Vienna City Administration – Municipal Department 17; Austrian Economic Chamber, Vienna

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