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Harrison Kwame Golo

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"The Interface of Poverty, Livelihoods, Coping Strategies, and Child Trafficking in Fishing Communities of Ghana"

My study is, basically, on poverty and vulnerability and their impact on child trafficking in fishing communities in Ghana. Specifically, the study will investigate the interactive conditions under which poverty, vulnerability, livelihood, and livelihood/coping strategies result in child trafficking in fishing communities in the Volta Region of Ghana. The main objective is to address knowledge gaps on the dynamics of poverty, vulnerability, and child trafficking within the country’s fisheries sector. The study will: 1.) investigate the ways in which individuals and households in said communities use resources available to them; 2.) examine how the use of such resources is mediated by both formal and informal institutional structures within the vulnerability context in which they live; 3.) assess their capabilities to make decisions on issues that affect their livelihood in such institutional and vulnerability contexts; 4.) examine the structural implications of their livelihood/coping strategies in relation to risk management and trafficking of children.

Three theoretical approaches will serve as the basis for the study. They are Sustainable Livelihood, Human Rights-based and Capability Approaches. My methodology is largely qualitative and my approach is interdisciplinary. Multiple data-collecting strategies will be employed concurrently to help achieve understanding of the social reality being studied. I anticipate that the findings of the study will add to the intellectual base for human rights-based policy frameworks and empowerment programmes that would enable the studied communities to influence decision-making processes concerning their livelihoods.



Harrison Kwame Golo was recently a Principal Research Assistant at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Golo obtained an M.A. in Human Rights Practice—an Erasmus Mundus Programme jointly run by University of Gothernburg (Sweden), Roehampton University (UK), and University of Tromso (Norway). M.A. in Development Studies (with specialization in Politics of Alternative Development) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherland. He received a B.A. in Religious Studies from University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

Golo was a co-investigator for the 2005 UNESCO Small Grant Research Project entitled, “Child Involvement in Labour: Poverty Reduction Approach via a Human Right Perspective.” He completed a five month internship programme with AblechildAfrica, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in London.

Research Interests
Human/Child Rights, Poverty and Migration

Scholarships and Awards
2008–2010: Erasmus Mundus Fellowship – European Commission – M.A. Human Rights Practice, Universities of Gothenburg (Sweden), Tromso (Norway), Roehampton (London, UK).
2004–2005: Netherlands Fellowship – M.A. Development Studies (Politics of Alternative Development) Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.
2003: Netherlands Fellowship – Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.
2005: UNESCO Small Grant Award.


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