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Drugs and Implications for Human Rights in North Korea

Researchers at the Research Centre Human Rights, Anna Müller-Funk and Katherine Thompson along with Director Manfred Nowak, have recently been invited to join the Academic Advisory Board of a groundbreaking project investigating the relationship between drugs, drug use and human rights in North Korea. The project ‘Drugs and Implications for Human Rights in North Korea’ will be undertaken by the North Korea Strategy Centre in Seoul who hope to ascertain the extent of drug use, production and transit in the area and then how this situation interferes with or impacts on human rights issues in an environment as unique as North Korea.

The Research Centre Human rights will be involved throughout the project duration, providing academic insight into the design of the project, relevant human rights issues to be covered and the interplay between drug policy and human rights. They will further read through all reports and other outcome documents to ensure that human rights language and a human rights approach are employed throughout the project.

Project duration: 12/2015 - 10/2016

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