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Cyber-Violence against Women and Girls

Despite growing awareness of the proliferation of cyber-violence, there is little data on the true extent and impact of this phenomenon. For this reason, the Research Centre Human Rights of the University of Vienna, together with the victim protection organisation Weisser Ring, is carrying out a research project on cyber-violence against women and girls on behalf of the Federal Chancellery (BKA) and the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs (BMGF). In order to ensure a holistic approach to the research topic, and the integration of various perspectives, relevant actors will be involved throughout the project period.

The research project consists of two components: In the first part, a stock-taking study of women- and girl-specific cyber-violence in Austria will be carried out. This includes an analysis of the current legal landscape, as well as the collection of quantitative and qualitative data. The study will determine the extent and forms of cyber-violence affecting women and girls. It will also look into the effects of such attacks on those affected, as well as which strategies they develop to deal with this violence. In the second part of the project, based on the outcomes of this study, training courses for employees of victim protection institutions will be conceived, which will then be offered throughout Austria. The trainings are designed to support counsellors in providing the best possible care to those affected by cyber-violence.

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