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The inter-disciplinary Research Centre “Human Rights” was established as a subunit of the Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna in May 2014.The research centre succeeds the Research Platform “Human Rights in the European Context” after a six‐year period of successful interdisciplinary research in the field of human rights.

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WHEN: 24. April 2017, 18:30

WHERE: Top Kino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna)

Nicholas de Pencier // Documentary // Canada // 2016 // 88 min // OV English

Based on Ronald Deibert’s book of the same name, Nicholas de Pencier’s Black Code follows ‘internet sleuths’ from the Toronto-based group Citizen Lab, who travel the world exposing unprecedented levels of global digital espionage and revealing how governments control and manipulate the internet in order to censor and monitor their citizens. Read more



CINEMA & HUMAN RIGHTS: The Revolution Won´t Be Televised

WHEN: 27. April 2017, 18:30

WHERE: Schikaneder (Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Vienna)

Rama Thiaw // Documentary // Senegal // 2016 // 110 min // OV with english subtitles

Y'en a marre – ‘We've had enough!’ is a youth protest movement with an influence far beyond the Senegalese borders. Rap music and youth culture are at the heart of the fight and serve as a powerful voice against former President Abdoulaye Wade and the corrupt political system. Read more




WHEN: 2. May 2017, 18:30

WHERE: Top Kino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna)

Sara Jordenö // Documentary // Sweden, USA // 2016 // 94 min // OV English

Twenty-five years after Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ and the documentary ‘Paris Is Burning’, Sara Jordenö’s Kiki leads us through the modern New York ballroom scene. The glamour and flamboyance of the balls, the costumes, the dance and the music accompany a story which is ultimately about young LGBTQI people of colour, self-organising to provide each other with health information, family structures, social support and rights. Read more



CINEMA & HUMAN RIGHTS: They Call Us Monsters

WHEN: 10. May 2017, 18:30

WHERE: Top Kino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna)

Ben Lear // Documentary // USA // 2016 // 82 min // OV English

In California, violent juvenile criminals between 14 and 17 years can be tried as adults. Their families and advocates see them as children, to the system they are adults and to their victims, they are monsters. Read more



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